Friday, January 15, 2010

Alumni Pizza

Last Friday evening, approximately 100 of the 222 Wilmington Montessori alumni gathered in the Great Room for our annual Alumni Pizza Night. Alum who just graduated last year to those who are now high school seniors and beyond gathered together to reminisce, share thoughts about life after WMS, and oh yes, to eat some pizza. It is a joy to talk with and watch as these young people come back to their foundation each year. This year, I was especially focused on the high school seniors who made a special effort to attend before going off to the next phase in their lives - college. They walked the building renewing memories, looked for their pictures on the walls, and ended up in Room 9 swapping stories until finally, at around 9:45 p.m., I had to break the news that it was time to go home. While all of them reported being well prepared academically sharing a wide range of college choices, the most prominent memories of WMS were ones that were non-academic: the time spent in the woods building forts, learning to make friends and work with others, managing their time, and a sense that they were comfortable with who they were when they left us. A wise woman, named Maria Montessori once said, "One cannot fully be an adult until one has fully been a child". These young people appreciate the gift of childhood given to them at WMS, and now embark on that last phase of their growth to adulthood with confidence. We wish them well and look forward to hearing about their next adventures on that journey.