Friday, April 8, 2011

The Genius in Children

A short time ago I read Rick Ackerly’s book, The Genius in Children. His book is filled with common sense, expertise, and a deep understanding of the relationships between adults and children. What I enjoyed most about The Genius in Children is the anecdotes the author shares, which come from over 40 years of experience as a father and educator.

Reading Ackerly’s book resembled a conversation with the author himself. Illuminating each of his tales are the underlying values of the book which include self-discipline, perseverance, personal responsibility and accountability, and resilience.

Ackerly’s key message is that if parents and teachers display these characteristics and provide children with environments that offer space for self-discovery they will end up with adult children who reflect these same qualities and know their own ‘genius’. An additional point of interest is the astounding correlation between Ackerly’s key message and the guiding principles of Montessori Philosophy.

Ackerly offers perspective and guidance on a wide range of challenges faced by parents of today's school-age children. I highly recommend his book and website, The Genius in Children, for parents and teachers alike.

I also suggest this recent Wall Street Journal article which discusses the innovativeness of Montessori students! Related Links: Montessori Mafia- Wall Street Journal

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