Saturday, May 7, 2011

Motherhood- "Dancing through the Chaos"

I read the book, "The Naked Mother" by Brooke Burke who is the current hostess of Dancing with the Stars. She is close in age to many of our WMS mothers and is raising four children; two by a first marriage and two with her current husband. I don't usually go for these kinds of books. But, she seems amazingly true and balanced. She begins her book with the thought that we can all learn to "dance through the chaos"

Burke also writes, "As I mentioned earlier, interviewers are forever asking me how I manage to "'balance it all"' as a career woman and celebrity mom. Balance: Really? I consider myself lucky to just get through any given day without losing my mind (not to mention a child or two, my car keys, diaper bag, studio ID, and every lip gloss I've ever loved). The closest I get to balance is holding the bow position for two minutes in Yoga class. Balance is bull(....). End of story. Maybe you have fallen into the trap yourself chasing the elusive super mommy dream, assuming that the only reason you keep falling short of the ideal is because you're not doing something - everything - "right". You're convinced that other moms brilliantly manage to tend to their children, their marriages, and their careers, while preserving their own sense of identity, and that you could, too, if only you had more time, and more energy, and more help, and more discipline, and more money, and more fiber in your diet, and more highlights in your hair. Sorry, you know as well as I do that it doesn't work that way. Reality bites. It also pukes on your favorite blouse, flushes keys down the toilet, hits its sister, and turns you into a pariah on airplanes. And guess what, balance doesn't fix any one of those things...”

I’d like to recommend Brooke Burke’s book to our mothers for Mom's Day. It is one of the first books I have read in a long time that doesn't tell you "how" to do it, but acknowledges that being a mother is hard work, at times humorous, and that we all share the same concerns whether we are a WMS Mom or a Hollywood star.

Happy Mother's Day!

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